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Our Native Land: Happy birthday Hudson’s Bay

The Story

On the 300th anniversary of the Hudson's Bay Company (HBC), Our Native Land tells the "Indian version" of the HBC story. It is followed by a report on a new program in Thunder Bay to help on-reserve Indians who are "stuck between traditional and white man cultures." The second half of the show looks at Indians in the capital. Talking to people who work for the government and for native organizations, host Johnny Yesno wants to know how they maintain their identity in Bytown.

Medium: Radio
Program: Our Native Land
Broadcast Date: Dec. 12, 1970
Guests: Andrew Bearobe, Andrew Delisle, Jean Goodwill, George Manuel, Victor Pelletier, Jim Powelless, Billy Salt, Dale Solace
Announcer: Frank Herbert
Host: Johnny Yesno
Producer: Elizabeth Samson
Duration: 49:28
This clip was edited for copyright reasons.
Photo credit: Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development

Did You know?

• "We were Caesars, being nobody to contradict us," - Pierre-Esprit Radisson, French explorer and co-founder of the Hudson's Bay Company, journal entry 1661, in The Explorations of Pierre-Esprit Radisson, (1961), edited by Arthur T. Adams.

• "They are no longer, as to us, under a favourable aspect. They shall dearly pay for the wrong they have done us. They have not, it is true, deprived us of the means of hunting for our maintenance and cloathing; they have not cut off the free passage of our canoes, on the lakes and rivers of this country; but they have done worse; they have supposed in us a tameness of sentiments that does not, nor cannot exist in us," - Mik'maw Declaration of War, Made to the Sun, Pierre Maillard, 1758 in The Old Man Told Us: Excerpts from Micmac History 1500-1950, (1991), edited by Ruth Holmes.



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