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Ottawa invests in International Women’s Year in 1975

The Story

It is International Women’s Year, and the federal government’s allocation of a generous budget aimed at raising awareness of the status of women in Canada is not without its female critics.  CBC reporter John Drewery interviews women on parliament hill, including four of the nine who are members of Parliament.  As one woman suggests, money should be spent on concrete things, because “until we have daycare centres, how can we talk about women going out and working?"

Broadcast Medium: Television
Program: CBC Television News
Broadcast Date: Feb. 15, 1975
Reporter: John Drewery
Guests: Jeanne Sauvé, Judy Morrison, Flora MacDonald, Coline Campbell, Iona Campagnolo
Duration: 6:32

Did You know?

• In the federal election held July 8, 1974, there were 264 seats elected and 9 of them were women.  They were Simma Holt, Iona Campagnolo, Ursula Appolloni, Flora MacDonald, Monique Bégin, Jeanne Sauvé, Coline Campbell, Albanie Morin and Aideen Nicholson.

• Iona Campagnolo was the first woman president of the Liberal Party of Canada, from 1982 to 1986.  She also served six years as the lieutenant governor of British Columbia, beginnning in 2001.

• Jeanne Sauvé was the first woman to be appointed speaker of the House of Commons, and was also the first female Governor General in Canada.


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