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Online Christmas shopping in 1998

The Story

Braving the crowds at the mall has practically become a holiday ritual of its own. But for the intrepid Canadian shopper, there's a new alternative in 1998: shopping online. Compared with the United States, online sales in Canada show we're still slow to embrace the trend. According to Heather Reisman, CEO of Indigo Books, shopping on the internet will soon be a boon to consumers. In this clip from CBC-TV, we meet one woman who's already an enthusiastic convert.

Medium: Television
Program: Saturday Report
Broadcast Date: Dec. 12, 1998
Guests: Miles Faulkner, Virginia Marshall, Heather Reisman
Reporter: Norman Hermant
Duration: 2:01

Did You know?

• According to Statistics Canada, spending by Canadians on the internet reached $417 million in 1999.
• In 2007 Canadians purchased $12.8 billion in goods and services, a rise of 61 per cent over 2006 levels. An estimated 8.4 million Canadians aged 16 and over bought something over the internet.• Travel arrangements were the bestselling category of goods purchased by online consumers in 2007. Statistics Canada found that 44 per cent of online consumers had made such a purchase in the previous year. Books, magazines and online newspapers were in second place at 36.8 per cent, and other entertainment products (i.e. concert tickets) were third at 32.5 per cent.





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