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Nazi Eyes on Canada

The Story

What if we lose the war? Nazi Eyes on Canada, a chilling five-part 1942 CBC Radio drama series, imagines how Canada could change if the Nazis were to win the Second World War. In this episode, we meet the Stephensons, a typical Alberta family that suffers some truly terrifying outcomes in a Nazi-run Canada. This could easily happen if we don't win, explains the narrator, "and we won't win it until all of us ... pours into the war effort every ounce of energy, every penny beyond basic living necessities."

Medium: Radio
Program: Nazi Eyes on Canada
Broadcast Date: Oct. 4, 1942
Producer: J. Frank Willis
Speaker: House Jameson, Katharine Raht
Duration: 29:42

Did You know?

• Each of the five segments of Nazi Eyes on Canada focused on a real-life family or individual from different parts of Canada (Ontario, Alberta, New Brunswick, British Columbia and Saskatchewan). The first part of each episode would look at what their lives were currently like, and the second part would imagine what would happen to that family or person if the Nazis took over Canada.


• The actors in this segment of Nazi Eyes on Canada -- titled "A Flame in the House" -- were Katharine Raht and House Jameson, both of whom were notable radio actors at the time. They were the stars of a popular American radio program called The Aldrich Family. Actors in other segments of the five-part radio series included such big-name stars as Orson Welles, Vincent Price, Helen Hayes and Lorne Greene.


• The series was presented in co-operation with the National War Finance Committee. This was a committee that had been created in 1941 by the Canadian government's finance department. Its purpose was to raise war financing through the sale of Victory Bonds.





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