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NAFTA deal reached in 1992

The Story

After 14 months of negotiations, the North American Free Trade Agreement is a done deal. On Aug. 12, 1992, Canada, the United States and Mexico announce they have agreed to remove tariffs on most goods and services exhanged among the three nations. Car manufacturing, the textiles industry, and softwood lumber are just some of the sectors that will see big changes under the accord. In this series of three reports from CBC-TV's The National, reporters Keith Boag, Tonda McCharles and Terry Milewski spell out some of the terms of NAFTA and what the deal means for each of the three signatories.  

Medium: Television
Broadcast Date: Aug. 12, 1992
Program: The National
Host: Knowlton Nash
Reporters: Keith Boag, Tonda McCharles, Terry Milewski
Guests: Brian Mulroney, Jean Chrétien, Bob Rae, Michael Wilson, Audrey McLaughlin, Alvin Segal, George Bush, Carla Hills
Duration: 10:11

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