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Marketplace: Life in a mobile home

The Story

For workers who follow jobs across the country, the mobile home seems an attractive option: when it's time to move, just put your house on wheels. But for some mobile home owners, the hassles - poor construction, escalating lot fees and depreciating values - far outweigh the benefits. This 1974 episode of CBC-TV's Marketplace visits several mobile home owners and profiles the co-operative Hoito restaurant in Thunder Bay, Ont. Other segments include tests on windshield-wiper fluid, a survey of gas prices and a married B.C. woman who was miffed when her telephone company labelled her "common-law."  

Medium: Television
Program: Marketplace
Broadcast Date: Jan. 27, 1974
Guest(s): Nadine Levin, Bill Long, Cathy Long, Jim Smillie, Betty Tiegen
Host: George Finstad, Joan Watson
Duration: 25:46

Did You know?

• As of 2008, Thunder Bay's Hoito restaurant is still in business. The building in which it is located, the Finnish Labour Temple, is the spiritual centre of Thunder Bay's Finnish community. Shops selling Finnish goods, baking and books are nearby. 


• In the 2001 census, 12,825 people in Thunder Bay identified their ethnic origins as Finnish. That represents almost 12 per cent of the city's population of 109,016. Most Finns in Thunder Bay can trace their origins to a wave of immigration from Finland that began in the 1870s.  



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