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Man Alive: Preparing for marriage

The Story

It's exhausting planning a big wedding, says Jill. But it's worth it. She and her fiancé Terry both feel strongly that a traditional wedding is the way to go. From wedding shower to marriage preparation classes, this 1973 episode of Man Alive follows Terry and Jill on their path toward marriage. The young couple is quite frank when answering some tough questions - like how important is virginity before marriage? How many kids do they want to have? And who will "wear the pants" in the family?

Medium: Television
Program: Man Alive
Host: Roy Bonisteel
Guests: Jill Henderson, Terry Henderson
Broadcast Date: Jan. 8, 1973
Duration: 24:16

Did You know?

• Between 1973 and 2003, the average age of first marriage in Canada rose by more than five years. In 1973, when this clip aired, the average age of first marriage was 25.2 years for men and 22.8 years for women. By 2003, those numbers rose to 30.6 years for men and 28.5 years for women. According to Statistics Canada, this rise is largely due to couples living together and delaying marriage.

• Since this program aired in 1973, an increasing number of Canadian couples have chosen to live together (common law) rather than get married. The 2006 Canadian census showed the proportion of common-law families increased from 5.6 per cent to 15.5 per cent between 1981 and 2006.



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