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Liberal Rat Pack invades Parliament in 1985

The Story

The Canadian election of 1984 was a landslide for Brian Mulroney's Progressive Conservatives, but four young Liberals are digging their way out of political obscurity. Known collectively as the Rat Pack, the backbenchers -- Don Boudria, Sheila Copps and John Nunziata from Ontario and Brian Tobin of Newfoundland -- have become so notable for their vocal criticism in and out of Parliament that they've even made T-shirts. CBC's Ottawa reporter Jason Moscovitz profiles the MPs for The National.   

Medium: Television
Program: The National
Broadcast Date: May 6, 1985
Host: Knowlton Nash
Reporter: Jason Moscovitz
Duration: 5:56

Did You know?

• According to the Globe and Mail, the name "Rat Pack" was originally bestowed by "a newspaper reporter." The group was particularly focused on patronage, going so far as to create the Patronage Award of the Week to the government appointment it deemed most egregious.

• The Rat Pack T-shirts cost $10.


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