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Learning to knit…or maybe not

The Story

"I lassoed my needle. Is that OK?" asks Peter Gzowski in this 1983 Morningside clip. In a daring experiment, Gzowski is trying to learn how to knit over the radio. It's not working. There's a lot of confusion, and even more laughter, as Gzowski attempts to cast his wool onto his needle. "It's a disaster here," he laughs, before eventually declaring himself hopeless and giving up on his attempt to become an on-air knitter.

Medium: Radio
Program: Morningside
Broadcast Date: Oct. 12, 1983
Guest(s): Sharon Oakley
Host: Peter Gzowski
Duration: 10:22

Did You know?

• People have been knitting for centuries, but by the 1980s knitting was a declining craft. Machine-knitted sweaters were available in stores at a fairly low cost, and children were no longer being taught to knit in schools. The craft was starting to be seen as quaint and old-fashioned.

In the 21st century, knitting has once again become popular among young people. Several reasons have been cited for this resurgence:
• The attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, triggered a desire for comforting, home-based activities and a yearning for a simpler time. Knitting seemed to suit the mood.
• The internet allowed knitters to easily share tips and patterns.
• Movie stars like Cameron Diaz and Julia Roberts began knitting. This went a long way toward re-popularizing the craft. 




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