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Kate Aitken: Eye on Princess Margaret

The Story

A baked Easter ham can be served hot or cold - "but the Scottish side of me says serve it cold - it'll go twice as far!" says Mrs. A in this 1949 show. "You can cut the slices twice as thin!" Today there's also a "good neighbour" story and a focus on 19-year-old Princess Margaret of England. According to Aitken, Margaret is a keen follower of politics who's taking on some of the "tedious chores of royalty" for her father, the King - and she's got a "lovely" Easter outfit, too.

Medium: Radio
Program: Kate Aitken
Broadcast Date: April 13, 1949
Host: Kate Aitken, Johnny Scott
Duration: 14:38

Did You know?

• Kate Aitken was required to submit a script to CBC in advance of her broadcasts. 

• In her book Making Your Living is Fun, Mrs. A shared a story about broadcast standards at the CBC. She had written a script that cautioned homemakers not to put excess rat poison in the garbage, but to flush it down the toilet. After the censor received her script, she received a stern warning to change her wording: "On CBC we do not flush toilets!" 


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