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Jim Morrison, Grace Slick and Charlie Allen in 1970

The Story

In this 1970 program, Tony Thomas interviews three hard rock musicians of the era.  Charlie Allen is lead singer with Pacific Gas and Electric, Grace Slick is The Jefferson Airplane's "girl singer", and Jim Morrison is leader of the Doors.  As Warren Davis tells us in his introduction to the program, "rock music is a clarion call to the young and a loud, disturbing mystery to those who aren't." Tony Thomas attempts to shed a little light on that mystery with his questions about pop music as art, "dropping out", the new morality, the inaudibility of the lyrics and what young people worship today.

Medium: Radio
Program: Something to Say
Broadcast Date: Sept. 27, 1970
Guest(s): Charlie Allen, Jim Morrison, Grace Slick
Host: Warren Davis
Interviewer: Tony Thomas
Duration: 36:38
This clip was edited for copyright reasons.

Did You know?

• Charlie Allen was born May 1, 1942, and died May 7, 1990.  He began with The Pacific Gas and Electric Blues Band as a drummer, and later became the lead singer.  The name was changed to Pacific Gas and Electric, but the utility company of the same name later requested they change it, and it became PG&E.
• PG&E had success with an album in the summer of 1970, and the title tune Are You Ready was in the Top 20.  They also went on to contribute music to the soundtrack of the film Tell Me That You Love Me, Junie Moon, which was directed by Otto Preminger and starred Liza Minnelli.
• Grace Slick was born Grace Wing Oct. 30, 1939, in Illinois, the daughter of an investment banker.  She joined Jefferson Airplane in 1966, bringing with her White Rabbit, which she wrote while a member of a band called the Great Society. The song was a hit on the Airplane's album Surrealistic Pillow, and is ranked number 478 on Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Songs of All Time list.
• Slick wrote an autobiography titled Somebody to Love? A Rock and Roll Memoir, and currently shows and sells her artwork, which also illustrates the book.
• Jim Morrison was born Dec. 8, 1943, in Florida, and died in Paris July 3, 1971.  The circumstances of his death have never been officially resolved, and fans have remained enthralled by his gravesite in Paris.
• Morrison wrote the song The End, which ranks number 328 on Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Songs of All Time list.  Two volumes of his poetry were published after his death: Wilderness: The Lost Writings of Jim Morrison, and The American Night: The Writings of Jim Morrison.


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