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Japanese Canadians suffered loss of freedom and property during WW II internment

The Story

More than 40 years after Canadians of Japanese ancestry were rounded up and banished from the coastline of British Columbia, internees and their descendants are still working for just compensation for their confiscated property.  This CBC Fifth Estate report presents the stories of some of the Japanese Canadians who suffered the loss of personal possessions and property, as well as those of current owners of the disputed property.

Broadcast Medium: Television
Program: The Fifth Estate
Broadcast Date: Oct. 15, 1985
Reporter: Eric Malling
Guests: Glenn McPherson, Masumi Mitsui, Tom Toynbee, Norman Mouat, Ray Iwasaki, Ray McLeod, Kimiko Murakami, Maryka Omatsu, Kyo Shoji, Martha Shoji

Relocation to Redress: The Internment of the Japanese Canadians more