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Hippie life: It ain’t easy

The Story

In the summer of 1967, CBC Television checks out the hippie scene in Vancouver. An in-depth interview takes place with one of the many longhairs living in the super-hip Kitsilano district. He talks about the changes he's experienced spiritually and morally, and he alerts hippie wannabes that the life is not everything some youth dream it will be. Dropping out takes dedication.

Medium: Television
Program: The Enterprise
Broadcast Date: Nov. 29, 1967
Duration: 6:41

Did You know?

• Willis Hawley, a political scientist from Berkeley, Calif., listed four types of hippies: 1. the communalist, who preaches togetherness and co-operation and often sets up communes; 2. the religionist, who strives to expand the mind and is often committed to Eastern religions such as Buddhism; 3. the hedonist, who advocates free love; 4. the protester, who is more concerned with political goals.

• On Aug. 22, 1967, the Toronto Daily Star provided "A Square's Guide to the Language of Yorkville":
acid: LSD; bread: money; blow your mind: to shock or delight; freak: beyond the norm, good or bad; go down: to occur; head: a person who turns on through the use of "pot" or "acid"; heavy: serious; horseman: Mountie; The Man: policeman; narc: narcotics agent; strung out: mentally and physically exhausted; turn on: to get high on drugs; wasted: highly relaxed euphoria.


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