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Gross toys for Christmas 1986

The Story

Whether it smells like "dried bile," "a real skunk" or "awful-smelling" soap, Stinkor is right in line with a top trend in toys for 1986-87. According to a retail analyst, gross toys like the Evil Master of Odours, the Ooze-It slime figure and the comically ugly Madballs are a good bet for Christmas shoppers. In this 1986 trip to the toy store, reporter Jerry McIntosh learns that Madballs are a hot seller - and they've even got their own comic book.  

Medium: Television
Broadcast Date: Dec. 15, 1986
Program: CBC News
Reporter: Jerry McIntosh
Duration: 1:55

Did You know?

• The green alien doll with the head oozing red goo, identified in this report as "Slime," was named Ooze-It. The original packaging consisted of the doll with a head that screwed off, a vial of slime and a set of plugs for the orifices. As of 2014 a Japanese vendor was selling reproductions - without the slime - for between $197 and $246.

• Stinkor was a character from the Masters of the Universe TV show and toy series. According to Time magazine in 1985, he was "an anthropomorphic skunk with the body of Arnold Schwarzenegger."




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