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Fishing for a cure for diabetes

The Story

Diabetes research moves into the strange and wonderful world of cloning. In a research laboratory in Nova Scotia, Dr. Bill Pohajdak is surrounded by tanks of fish. Working with Dr. Jim Wright, he plans to implant fish eggs with a genetically altered gene that will produce human insulin and in turn transplant that part of the fish into humans. The anticipated result: a cure for diabetes. This CBC Television report features this promising new treatment in its developmental stages.

Medium: Television
Program: 1st Edition
Broadcast Date: April 3, 1996
Guest(s): Diane Marsh, Bill Pohajdak, Jim Wright
Reporter: Linda Kelly
Duration: 6:11

Did You know?

• Human islet cells yielded from pancreatic organ donations are limited in North America. On average, a successful islet cell transplant requires the yield of two or three pancreases. The advantage to Dr. Pohajdak and Dr. Wright's experiment is the wide availability of tropical fish that could be harvested for transplants. As of 2003, the procedure was still in trials.



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