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Federal Liberals deride ‘beer and popcorn’ money

The Story

Forget the kids and crack open a cold one! And bring on the Jiffy Pop while you're at it, 'cause we're gettin' a hundred bucks a month for beer and popcorn!If a Liberal aide is to be believed, that's how parents will react to the Conservatives' child care plan that would pay $100 monthly for every child under six. Early in the 2006 election campaign, communications director Scott Reid says that giving people money to "blow on beer and popcorn" is no substitute for a universal daycare system. In this CBC-TV clip, the Conservatives pounce on the gaffe. "It goes to show the Liberals don't trust Canadians with their own money," says MP Rona Ambrose. 

Medium: Television
Program: CBC News: Sunday Night
Broadcast Date: Dec. 11, 2005
Guest(s): Rona Ambrose, Paul Martin, Scott Reid
Reporter: Terry Milewski
Duration: 2:11

Did You know?

• After winning a minority in the 2004 election, the Liberals began to follow through on the promise of creating a national daycare system by inking a $5-billion deal with the provinces that would create 250,000 daycare spots across the country. But the government fell 18 months later before much progress was made.


• When the Conservatives took over in 2006 they set aside the Liberal plan to make way for their Universal Child Care Benefit (UCCB). The first $100-per-child cheques were mailed out to families in July, just a month after the election. The UCCB is paid out to all families regardless of income, but it is not a tax-free benefit.


• The other part of the Conservatives' child care plan encouraged businesses to create child care spaces by offering them tax credits. "The Tories said that initiative would create 50,000 daycare spaces," wrote Shane Dingman in the National Post on Sept. 9, 2008. "In fact, that program was a flop and created no spaces."


• Scott Reid was Paul Martin's Director of Communications in the 2006 campaign. As of 2008 he was still employed with the Liberals, was a partner in a speechwriting firm and was on political panels on both CBC-TV and CBC Radio.




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