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Farm Forum: Is rationing rational?

The Story

Elizabeth Brown has just one question: why are there food shortages in Canada during the war? Food production has gone up, but the Toronto housewife still finds that shopkeepers are rationing butter, meat, and even some vegetables. This week's National Farm Radio Forum has convened a panel to answer Mrs. Brown's question and explore how to get more farm labour when many able-bodied men are out fighting the war.

Medium: Radio
Program: National Farm Radio Forum
Broadcast Date: March 1, 1943
Guests: Elizabeth Brown, Stewart Page, J.B. Reynolds, Ralph Staples
Duration: 29:19
Photo: Canadian War Museum

Did You know?

• The Wartime Prices and Trade Board began rationing sugar in Canada in January 1942. Coffee and tea followed in May, and butter joined the ration list that December due to serious shortages. Rationing of meat began in May 1943.

• One solution for the shortage of farm workers was the use of German prisoners of war who were interned in Canada. See the CBC Digital Archives clip "Canada's posh PoW camps" for more.

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