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English Canadian responds to Quebec cause

The Story

An anglophone caller to CBC Radio's Double Take thinks French Canadians are a fairly privileged bunch. She says francophones have "multiplied and prospered exceedingly" under British military protection. She wonders whether the forebears of the Front de libération du Québec fought in the country's wars or if they're just privileged to live in a "land of peace bought with English blood."

Medium: Radio
Program: Double Take
Broadcast Date: Oct. 13, 1970
Guest: Laurier LaPierre
Host: Paul Rush
Duration: 4:51

Did You know?

• To this date, the FLQ and government exchanged a series of communiqués -- the term used during the crisis for official forms of interchange:

• On Oct. 5, the day of Cross's abduction, the FLQ sent a communiqué with ransom demands. • On Oct. 6 the federal government said it wouldn't meet the demands.

That evening the FLQ said they would kill Cross the following evening if the government didn't provide ransom.

• On Oct. 7 the Quebec government issued a communiqué asking the kidnappers to call them for negotiations. Shortly after, the FLQ postponed the deadline for compliance to midnight on Oct. 8. • No word came until Oct. 9, when an FLQ communiqué reset the deadline for 6 p.m Oct. 10. Attached to it was a letter from Cross affirming he was still alive.


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