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Eco-war waged in Newfoundland

The Story

Whether to run a 50,000 hectare forest as a wilderness reserve or continue to manage it as source of valuable timber? That's the issue at hand in Newfoundland's Central Avalon Peninsula as conservationists try to protect a unique ecosystem by stopping the provincial government from clearcutting the rest of the forest. Gordon Cooper has been coming to the forest for 20 years, travelling the wilderness and fighting those who would destroy it. As the CBC's Here & Now reveals, he's getting ready for one more showdown.

Medium: Television
Program: Here & Now
Broadcast Date: Sept. 20, 1995
Guests: Bill Clark, Gordon Cooper, Bill Davis, Kevin Fowler, Rick Maddigan
Reporter: Azzo Rezori
Duration: 8:33

Did You know?

• In 2000 dozens of groups came together to fight against clearcutting by Cornerbrook Pulp and Paper in Newfoundland's Main River watershed.



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