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How to desert the U.S. Army in three steps

The Story

Bill Spira is a man in demand. Every day, he fields calls from dozens of draft dodgers and deserters seeking advice, lodging and counselling. Spira himself is a transplanted American who fled his homeland because of the McCarthy communist witch hunt in 1953. Accordingly, he has great sympathy for the nervous young men on the run. With a knowledge of the finer points of the law, he talks about loopholes and formalities in this CBC Radio interview.

Medium: Radio
Program: The Action Set
Broadcast Date: Feb. 21, 1970
Guest(s): William Spira
Duration: 8:31

Did You know?

• The Manual for Draft Age Immigrants, published by the Toronto Anti-Draft Programme, sold 65,000 copies to young men in the United States. The manual addressed issues including immigration law, Canadian history, geography and climate, and employment.

• "On April 12, 1967, Gen. Mark Clark asked the Canadian Embassy in Washington to help return all the 'draft dodgers'. He was told that it would not be possible. Canada's extradition treaty with the United States lists the extraditable offenses one by one (see Appendix A); resisting the draft is not among them." - Introduction to the Manual for Draft Age Immigrants.


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