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Diabetes: ‘Death in pieces’

The Story

Diabetes is called "death in pieces" because it slowly shuts down the body piece by piece. If not managed well, diabetes can lead to amputation, kidney failure and blindness. What's worse, Canadians over the age of 45 who are packing what they think is just a little extra weight may be living with the disease undiagnosed and untreated. This CBC Television special focuses on how Canadians can manage and monitor their physical states.

Medium: Television
Program: 50/UP
Broadcast Date: Feb. 8, 1998
Guest(s): Keith Dawson, Josh Kramer
Host: J.J. McColl
Duration: 5:21

Did You know?

• According to the Canadian Diabetes Association, it is estimated that approximately $9 billion (US) is spent per year treating diabetes and diabetes-related complications.
• Of the 2.2 million diabetic Canadians, it is estimated that roughly one third of the total are undiagnosed.



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