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Citizens’ Forum: How to govern the family

The Story

By nature, the family structure is a sort of despotism, where unelected parents rule with total authority. But would another type of family government be better? In this broadcast, Citizens' Forum asks whether the principles of democracy - majority rule and equality in particular - can work in the home. An intriguing discussion wraps up with some contentious questions, including whether wives must be obedient to husbands and the value of a child's opinion.

Medium: Radio
Program: Citizens' Forum
Broadcast Date: Nov. 30, 1950
Guest(s): W.F. Lane, Joan Marshall, R.R. Prosser
Host: Rev. L.M. Pepperdine
Duration: 39:01
Photo: freeparking/Flickr Creative Commons

Did You know?

• In 2007, the United Nations declared Sept. 15 as the International Day of Democracy, "a day for action and debate on democracy." 

• The first known democracy began in Athens, Greece in 510 BC. In fact, the word "democracy" is derived from the Greek demokratia, literally, "rule by the people."

• Eight countries include the word "democratic" in their official name, including the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, which is neither democratic nor a republic. North Korea is a self-proclaimed communist state ruled by an unelected leader since its inception in 1948. Kim Il Sung ruled the country until his death in 1994, but was named the country's Eternal President. His son Kim Jong-il has served as de facto ruler since 1994.




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