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The Vimy Ridge story, told by the men who fought there

The Story

In this episode of CBC Radio's series Flanders' Fields, the voices of more than 80 of the men who fought at the April 1917 Battle of Vimy Ridge are heard in this account of the assault on the ridge by the Canadian Expeditionary Force.

Medium: Radio
Program: Flanders' Fields
Broadcast Date: Jan. 10, 1965
Narrator: J. Frank Willis
Duration: 59:49

Did You know?

• Below are the names of the veterans as identified in the program script in the order in which they are heard:

• W.J. Home,  D.G Higgins,  Rev. G. Kilpatrick,  W.S.M. MacTier,  Arthur Bonner,  A.G. Pearson,  R.G. Barclay,  E.S Russenholt,  Bob Brown,  N.G. Dean,  Archie Brown, 

• Alex Ross,  George Hancox,  G.R. Pearkes,  Royden Barbour,  W.S. Wilson,  W.J. Home,  W.M. Nickle,  R.J. Leach,  W.L. Jenkins,  J.S. Stewart,  D.M. Ormond,  H.R.H. Clyne,

• Alex Jack,  R. Crowe,  A.B. Goodmurphy,  F. MacGregor,  Gus Sivertz,  H.S. Cooper,  Jack Pinson,  H. Campbell,  F.F. Worthington,  Raymond Brutinel,  G. Dorman, 

• Vic Armstrong,  A. Farmer, Harry Secord,  F.B. Bagshaw,  R.S. Robertson,  T.G. Caunt,  M.E. Parsons,  Eric Finley,  G. Scott,  L.R. Fennel,  Elmore Philpott,

• V.W. Odlum,  D.C. Higgins,  Frank Jamieson,  R.S. Timmis,  C.E. Longstaffe,  J.S. Ross,  G.T. Boyd,  N. Nicholson,  F. Dawson, 

• E.J. Owens,  F.G. Layton,  R.L. Christopherson,  C.B. Price,  Victor Lewis,  A.H. Fisher,  John Jeffrey,  E. Seaman,  T.S. Morrisey,  A.G. Jacobs,  H.A. Marlow, 

• J.M. MacDonnell,  F.C. Arnold,  H.R. Christopher,  Fred Fish,  G.R. Stevens,  H.M. Wallis,  Jack McLaren,  W.C. Sterling,  George Bernier,  D.H.C. Mason, 

• F. Dawson,  N. Nicholson,  Norman Fraser,  J.W. Ross, W.C. Sterling,  G.T. Boyd,  Ian Sinclair,  R. McLaughlin,  W. Stevens,  Joe Labelle,  W.R. Graham,  D. Green,  John G. Warren,  George Eyles,  B.C. Lunn.


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