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Cat crazy in 1983

The Story

What's to love about cats? They're aloof and hard to train, but entire stores are devoted to their upkeep and people are lining up to watch a hit musical about them. CBC reporter Tom Alderman just doesn't get it. In this 1983 report for The Journal, Alderman probes the popularity of the cartoon cat Garfield. "Because he is selfish, cynical, fat and lazy, he'd be basically disgusting as a human being," says creator Jim Davis. "But for some reason it's endearing in an animal."

Medium: Television
Broadcast Date: Jan. 12, 1983
Program: The Journal
Reporter: Tom Alderman
Guests: Jerry Benasato, Bill Berlone, Jim Davis, Peggine Fitzgerald
Duration: 12:09

Did You know?

• In 1987, the Globe and Mail reported that the cat craze had become so popular that a Toronto veterinarian, Dr. Wallace Stonehouse, had established a thriving cats-only practice. But  eventually he had to sell the business when he developed a powerful allergy to cats.

• In 2011, an estimated 38 per cent of Canadian homes owned at least one cat.




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