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Canadian Second World War propaganda films

The Story

Salute to Victory, Atlantic Patrol, Battle of Europe, Battle for Oil and Flight 6. These are the titles of five Canadian films made during the Second World War that "might be called soft-sell propaganda," according to CBC-TV host Bill Galloway. In this half-hour 1979 episode Galloway's Gallery, we see excerpts from all five of these pro-military wartime movies accompanied by Galloway's commentary.

Medium: Television
Program: Galloway's Gallery
Broadcast Date: March 31, 1979
Host: Bill Galloway
Duration: 23:43

Did You know?

• For almost as long as film has existed, it has been used as a propaganda tool. One of the first known examples of propaganda film was used during the Spanish-American war of 1898. The American company Vitagraph Studios made short films about the war, and some of these contained studio re-enactments of battles being passed off as the real thing.

Atlantic Patrol, one of the films shown in this clip, was the first segment in the National Film Board's Canada Carries On series. Shown in movie theatres across Canada, the series was created as a tool to showcase Canada's wartime achievements. It was originally meant to just be a wartime endeavour, but the series actually continued on until 1959, with postwar episodes focusing on Canadian achievements in science, social programs, industry, music and art. By the time the series was cancelled in 1959, the NFB had produced 199 episodes.




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