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PM Pierre Trudeau sends telegram to Canadians after Summit Series

The Story

After Canada's victorious hockey game against the Soviets, Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau drafts a congratulatory telegram for Team Canada in Moscow. He says the win is especially remarkable because the players were able to pull up from behind. For the past couple of hours, all regular activity was put on hold as Canada watched game 8 on television sets at home and in bars across the country. Trudeau says, "I think even the election campaign, as far as I know, has ground to a standstill and Canadians will no doubt feel very elated about it."

Medium: Radio
Program: Sunday Magazine
Broadcast Date: Oct. 1, 1972
Guest: Pierre Trudeau
Host: Bruce Rogers
Duration: 1:25

Did You know?

• Before the games began, Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau tried desperately to stop the National Hockey League from barring hockey star Bobby Hull from the Canada-Soviet hockey series. The NHL prevented Hull from playing because he left the Chicago Black Hawks for a contract with the World Hockey Association.

• Before leaving the Soviet Union, Team Canada played one last exhibition game against Czechoslovakia. They tied 3-3.

• The Soviet display of superior physical ability during the series led to an overhaul of NHL training practices and changed the way Canadians play hockey.


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