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Ban the Internet!

The Story

For all its technological promise, the internet hasn't exactly ushered in an age of enlightenment. Far from it, says commentator Greg Rist in this tongue-in-cheek rant. The internet is an antisocial, mind-numbing health hazard that debases the English language, social skills, and the human spirit. Why keep it? In this CBC Television clip, Rist gives his top ten reasons to dump the internet. (We put this clip last, just in case you agree.) 

Medium: Television
Program: CBC Evening News
Broadcast Date: April 8, 1998
Commentator: Greg Rist
Duration: 2:35

Did You know?

• Does anyone really want to ban the internet? According to NetNews writer W. David Currie, the internet was banned by the Taliban in Afghanistan, limited to national content in China, and boycotted for a day in Europe to protest telephone rates for internet users. There have also been petitions against it by various American religious groups, and unexplained sightings of bumper stickers reading "Ban the Internet."

• Greg Rist worked as a technology reporter for the CBC and City TV, a producer for CTV's W5, a weather specialist at CHUM Radio, a host at Rogers Television and a children's broadcaster at TVOntario.

• The term Luddite is sometimes used to describe people who reject technological advances. The original Luddites (or Ludds) lived in England in the early 19th century. They were named after leader Ned Ludd (sometimes King Ludd or Captain Ludd), who may or may not have existed. The Luddites felt threatened by the Industrial Revolution, and sometimes smashed textile machines in a futile attempt preserve their way of life.


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