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Author Howard Engel learns to read again

The Story

It was a cruel fate for a man who made his living as a writer. In 2000, mystery author Howard Engel suffered a stroke which brought on a rare neurological condition: he could no longer read, even as his ability to write remained intact. Now, five years later, Engel is back on his way to being able to read, and has also published a new novel. <i>Memory Book</i> is his 11th entry in the Benny Cooperman mystery series. In this clip from CBC-TV, he talks to Hana Gartner about recovering his ability to read and how he managed to write a new novel.

Medium: Television
Program: Times Seven
Broadcast Date: June 24, 2005
Host: Ian Hanomansing
Interviewer: Hana Gartner
Guests: Howard Engel, Jacob Engel
Duration: 5:19

Did You know?

• Howard Engel was born in St. Catharines, Ont. on Apr. 2, 1931. The main setting for his Benny Cooperman novels, Grantham, is based on St.Catharines.

• The condition Howard Engel suffered from after the stroke is known as alexia sine agraphia. People with the condition can write, but cannot read.

• Watch Engel in a 1995 interview discussing his quintessentially Canadian sleuth, Benny Cooperman.


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