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Artist Molly Bobak brings a Jolly Jumper to Tabloid

The Story

Artist Molly Bobak has dropped in to Tabloid for a catch-up with host Joyce Davidson, and she talks about her recent art work and her upcoming year in England.  But all eyes are on five-month-old Anny, who is bouncing happily in a new Canadian invention called a Jolly Jumper.  Bobak has brought it in for a demonstration - "This is the  Canadian nanny, I think".

Broadcast Medium: Television
Program: Tabloid
Broadcast Date: Sept. 12, 1957
Host: Joyce Davidson
Guests: Molly Bobak, Anny Bobak
Duration: 3:16

Did You know?

• A Northway’s Young People’s Shop advertisement which ran in the Toronto Star on Apr. 7, 1958, offered the units for $10.95, and a “See the Jolly Jumper in use from 2 to 4 p.m. Tuesday” demonstration.

• On July 21, 1962, the Toronto Star reported that President Kennedy's daughter Caroline had been photographed in one, and that with the current high U.S. birth rate, the Jolly Jumper should “put some of the old bounce into the Canadian economy.”  The article explains that a Vancouver grandmother, Olivia Poole, had taken inspiration from a similar sling used by Native mothers (Poole was Ojibwa and born in the U.S.), and had revised the design of similar devices with an innovative rubber connection to improve the bounce.

• The Globe and Mail reported on Nov. 15, 1962 that U.S. fitness consultant Bonnie Prudden had been asked for an opinion on the Jolly Jumper, and had concluded that it was a good, safe introduction to exercise for babies.

• Molly (Lamb) Bobak was born Feb. 25, 1922, and died March 2, 2015.

• In 2015 Anny (Bobak) Scoones wrote a memoir about her parents, called Last Dance in Shediac, Memories of Mum.




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