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Artist Jean Paul Lemieux on his life and work

The Story

Grey skies are better than blue, says Canadian artist Jean Paul Lemieux. Twelve of his paintings were recently chosen to become Canada Post stamps, and he's joined CBC Radio host Peter Gzowski to talk about his life and his work. They discuss his influences, the original works reproduced on the stamps, and his depiction of himself as Buster Brown in his painting 1910 Remembered. Lemieux concludes this 1985 interview with an audio painting of what he saw on his way into the Quebec City studio and a description of his current works in progress.

Broadcast Medium: Radio
Program: Morningside
Broadcast Date: Feb. 19, 1985
Host: Peter Gzowski
Guest: Jean Paul Lemieux
Duration: 18:49
Photo Credit: The Canadian Press/Hand-Out

Did You know?

• Jean Paul Lemieux was born Nov. 18, 1904 at Quebec City, and died Nov. 7, 1990, at Montreal.  

• Singer, songwriter, actor Jean Lapointe was born Dec. 6, 1935.  The song Peter Gzowski refers to at the end of the interview, which Lapointe wrote in honour of Lemieux, is called 1910 Remembered.




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