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Ann Landers on CBC’s Take 30

The Story

If teenagers are having more sex in 1968, it's because they have more money, access to cars and more free time than in the past. That's the observation of Chicago advice columnist Ann Landers, the guest on this Valentine's Day episode of Take 30. In an interview with host Adrienne Clarkson, the outspoken Landers says the questions she receives have changed over the years. People are more sexually promiscuous, LSD has proven to be very damaging and alcoholism has become a bigger problem.

Medium: Television
Program: Take 30
Broadcast Date: Feb. 14, 1968
Guest(s): Ann Landers
Host: Adrienne Clarkson, Paul Soles
Duration: 26:50

Did You know?

• For more Ann Landers in the CBC Digitial Archives, see the clip This Hour Has Seven Days: Opinions fly.
• Landers (whose real name was Esther "Eppie" Lederer) took on her column in 1955, beating out 28 others vying for the job. It was published only in one newspaper, the Chicago Sun-Times, but soon became syndicated. In 1987 Landers moved to the rival Chicago Tribune
• According to Creators Syndicate, her column's distributor, Ann Landers had a readership of 90 million people and was published in 1,200 newspapers in 2002, the year of her death.
• In this clip, Landers says she would never think of retiring, and it proved true: she worked right up until her death. She owned the rights to the name Ann Landers and in 1995 told the New Yorker, ''There will never be another Ann Landers. When I go, the column goes with me.''



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