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Alex Sheridan’s sound effects enhance Air Farce comedy

The Story

When the Royal Canadian Air Farce performs their radio comedy before a live audience, there's a man at the edge of the stage who gets almost as many laughs as the cast. He's Alex Sheridan, a sound effects master who has been in the business for 27 years. Sheridan got his start making sounds for live radio dramas and now uses his skills to add some audio-visual punctuation to the popular CBC Radio comedy team. In 1980, CBC reporter Catherine Olsen catches Sheridan performing with the Air Farce and gets a peek at the tools of his trade.      

Medium: Television
Program: The National
Broadcast Date: Nov. 15, 1980
Host: Jan Tennant
Guest: Alex Sheridan
Duration: 3:28

Did You know?

• Many of Sheridan's sound effects for Royal Canadian Air Farce were recorded, but others were improvised from unlikely sources: a flour sifter simulated a train starting up; squeezing a box of cornstarch made footsteps in the snow; old recording tape sounded like the rustling of straw.  

A 1993 interview with three members of the Air Farce - Luba Goy, Don Ferguson and Roger Abbott can be viewed here


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