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Air India: The coverup?

The Story

This is a story of two tragedies. The first tragedy was the loss of 329 victims in the Air India explosion. The second, running in tandem with the first, is the gripping sense of frustration that the families have had to accept. In this CBC News investigative report, Terry Milewski examines the investigative failures and explores the theory that CSIS intentionally crippled its own investigation.Questions and rumours circulate. Why were the crucial wiretaps erased? Did CSIS have a mole they wanted to protect? Where is the supposed informant Surjan Singh Gill, who allegedly penetrated the inner circle of prime suspects? Why did the RCMP fail to protect its witnesses? This feature investigates whether the case was bungled through carelessness or was in fact a sloppy and devastating cover-up.

Medium: Television
Program: The National
Broadcast Date: Sept. 8, 2003
Duration: 5:29
Footage: NBC, ABC, Visnews, BBC, Irish TV. This clip has been edited for copyright reasons.

Did You know?

• Surjan Singh Gill, who was the self-proclaimed consul general of the non-existent state of Khalistan, is believed to have been a CSIS mole according to RCMP documents. The RCMP arrested Gill because they believed he had participated in the bomb plot but he was released without being charged. He then moved to England and is said to be in hiding.


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