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After Air India

The Story

For years after the Air India crash, Anant Anantaraman couldn't listen to music. His two young daughters, both violinists, and his wife were lost aboard flight 182. Fifteen years later, he honours his lost family's memory. Anantaraman has opened a free school in India and has established a series of music scholarships across Canada. "The memories are so painful and at the same time so joyous," he explains in this CBC Radio interview about his long and difficult journey.

Medium: Radio
Program: As It Happens
Broadcast Date: June 5, 2000
Guest(s): Anant Anantaraman
Host: Barbara Budd, Mary Lou Finlay
Duration: 8:39

Did You know?

• In 2003, Anantaraman described the futility of the Air India court proceedings. "I'm totally indifferent to this, whether they catch, whether they find, whether they punish," he said. "It doesn't matter to me at all. Because after all, what has happened to me and what has happened to others, it cannot be reversed."

• Dancer Lata Pada lost her two teenage daughters and her husband in the Air India bombing. In 2001 she choreographed "Revealed by Fire," a dance which, in part, reflected the tragic turning point in her life.

• For the wife of Satinder Binder, the pilot of Air India flight 182, the healing process was impeded by rumour and misinformation. Following the crash, the Globe and Mail reported that a Vancouver Sikh had persuaded Captain Binder to carry a package on board. It suggested that this package contained the bomb which brought down the aircraft. In this CBC Radio clip, Mrs. Binder describes her reaction to the false and painful accusation.

• Journalist Sarah Minhas lost her aunt and cousin in the Air India bombing. In this CBC Radio interview she describes her long wait for justice. "You never get over something like this," she explains, "you just endure it."


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