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The Gouzenko Affair: a mole in MI5

The Story

In 1981 a spy scandal breaks in Britain's Security Service, MI5. A new book suggests that Sir Roger Hollis, a high-ranking MI5 agent who interrogated Igor Gouzenko back in 1945, was actually a Soviet mole at the time. Upon seeing transcripts of his conversations with Hollis, Gouzenko is shocked to find they are full of inaccuracies that undermine his testimony. He describes his suspicions of Hollis and wonders what other damage the agent has done.

Medium: Radio
Program: Sunday Morning
Broadcast Date: March 29, 1981
Guest: Igor Gouzenko
Reporter: Douglas Grant
Duration: 5:37
Photo: Newspaper Headline: London Daily Mail, March 25, 1981

Did You know?

• MI5 is the United Kingdom's security intelligence agency. Their job is to protect national security and economic well-being, and to help detect and prevent serious crime.
• After Pincher's book Their Trade is Treachery, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher admitted that her government had investigated allegations that Hollis was a spy. But the Trend inquiry of 1974 cleared Hollis of the accusation.



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