Donald Trump once considered building a casino in Canada

Long before he became the U.S. president, real estate developer Donald Trump was talking about building a casino in Canada.

Future U.S. leader talked to CBC-TV's Venture in 1993 about a possible project in Windsor, Ont.

Donald Trump on Canada and a possible Windsor casino


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In 1993, Donald Trump talked to CBC-TV's Venture about the possibility of him building a casino in Windsor, Ont. 0:31

Twenty-five years ago, a future U.S. president was talking to CBC-TV's Venture about his potential interest in building a casino in Canada.

His name was Donald Trump and he was then a New York-based businessman, whose rising and falling fortunes had been in the spotlight for an extended period of time.

Comparing his ups and downs to the action of a yo-yo, Trump told Venture host Robert Scully he was on an upswing compared to his financial standing of just a few years earlier.

At one point, Scully asks Trump: "What is the secret to getting out from under a mountain of debt?" 

'Whatever it is you need... I possessed it'

"You need a lot of things: You need integrity, you need perseverance, you need that ultimate stick-to-it-iveness, you need the brainpower — whatever it is you need, it seems that I possessed it," Trump responds, in the interview that aired in April of 1993.

"But it has been certainly not a nice period of time. I mean it hasn't been fun — it's been interesting, but it hasn't been fun."

The interview also delved into Trump's apparent interest in establishing a casino in the Ontario border city of Windsor.

"I've spoken with the mayor... and spoken with a number of people," Trump said. "If we get it, we'll do a beautiful job. There won't be anything to compete with it. It will be a beautiful job."

The conversation also touched on Trump's general impressions of Canada.

"Well, I love Canada and I tell you I have relatives that live in Canada and it's almost like a breather to go up to Canada and get the fresh air and everything else," Trump said in the interview. "And the people are so wonderful."

Windsor, Ont., would get a casino in the 1990s, but it wouldn't be Donald Trump who would build it. (Paul Sancya/Associated Press/Canadian Press)

Windsor would, in the end, get a casino. But the one that was established there did not involve Trump, who went on to become a reality TV star and in 2016, win the U.S. presidential election to become the 45th president of the United States.