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Low tide day

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A generation ago, the rich zone between high tide and low tide on Vancouver Island was "like a grocery store", teeming with life. But by 2000, the diminishing sea life competes with garbage and pollution. The people of Cowichan Bay want to reverse that trend. They are hosting Low Tide Day, a celebration of the delicate inter-tidal zone's fascinating creatures. As we see in this clip from Country Canada, the children combing the beach for treasures are learning to protect them rather than collect them.
• Cowichan Bay is located on southern Vancouver Island facing the Gulf Islands. It has historically been an area wealthy in shellfish and salmon.

• Low Tide Day events are still held in Cowichan Bay, hosted by the Cowichan Community Land Trust Society. The organization is dedicated to protecting the area's human and natural environment.

Medium: Television
Program: Country Canada
Broadcast Date: Oct. 18, 2000
Guest(s): Bill Austin, John Scull
Reporter: Jim MacQuarrie
Duration: 3:40

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