From 1988: Arthur Frommer on how to take a worthwhile trip

In 1988, Arthur Frommer told CBC that a trip to a faraway place isn't worth the effort unless it changes you in a meaningful way.

'Travel is no longer worth the effort' unless it changes you, expert told us

Arthur Frommer tells CBC's Midday about the type of travel he thinks is worthwhile -- as well as the kind that isn't. 0:44
Arthur Frommer's Europe on $5 a Day was published in 1957. (Wiley Publishing/AP)

A trip to a faraway place has to do something for you if it's going to be worthwhile, according to travel expert Arthur Frommer.

"We tend to fling ourselves thousands of miles, just to look at a dead, lifeless monument, while we could have looked at that monument on the pages of a picture book," he told CBC's Midday, back in July of 1988.

Frommer, whose namesake travel guides followed the publishing of his Europe on $5 a Day in 1957, told us a trip has to go beyond a sightseeing expedition if it going to have any meaning in your life.

"To me, travel is no longer worth the effort unless it is associated with ideas and people, unless it stretches your horizons, unless it challenges your most cherished thoughts, unless it makes you into a somewhat different person than you were when you began," he said.

Arthur Frommer says you must prepare to take on new experiences when travelling. 0:26

To have that personal growth happen, Frommer said you must be prepared "to immerse yourself into the culture of the area of where you're travelling."