A 'stupid' blast of winter for Windsor, Ont., in spring in 1982

"Stupid" was one word for it, and it's the word a snow shovel-wielding man used to describe a wintry blast that hit Windsor, Ont., in April 1982.

Two weeks into spring, border city saw 20.4 cm of snow pile up

The return of winter in Windsor, Ont.

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39 years ago
In 1982, Windsor, Ont., was hit with a spring snowstorm that dropped 20.4 cm of snow on the border city. 1:10

"Stupid" was one word for it, and it's the word the man holding a snow shovel used to describe the wintry blast that hit Windsor, Ont., 38 years ago.

"Boy, this is weird, just stupid," said Johnny Richards, a local resident who a CBC reporter spotted using a snow shovel on April 6, 1982, more than two weeks into spring.

"Wonder when we're going to get some good spring weather? My poor tulips in the backyard."

The wintery weather made The National's broadcast that night, in part because a large part of the northeastern United States had been hit with similar conditions.

A snowstorm dumped 20.4 centimetres on the border city of Windsor, Ont., in April 1982. (The National/CBC Archives)

Reporter Kim Kristy gave viewers an overview of the storm that had dumped 20.4 centimetres of snow on the border city and surrounding Essex County.

"It must be winter's last laugh, because no one else is smiling. This is not the springtime Windsor is accustomed to," said Kristy, as viewers saw the usual weather-story mix of images including a rear-wheel drive vehicle spinning its wheels and a stalled van getting a push.

The return of winter also seemed to confuse drivers for some reason.

"After a number of days of summer-like weather already, many motorists have apparently forgotten how to drive on slippery roads," Kristy said, noting a number of vehicles had ended up stuck in the snow or involved in minor collisions following the storm's arrival.

The surprise blast of winter weather in April 1982 made for tricky driving conditions in Windsor, Ont. (The National/CBC Archives)

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