Kiawenti:io Tarbell

Kiawenti:io Tarbell is a young Mohawk from Akwesasne community. She is a talented singer, songwriter and accomplished artist, who especially loves painting.

A tremendously creative individual, she found herself at an open call one day for a major recurring character in the upcoming season of the CBC/Netflix’s popular series, Anne With An E. Unknowingly competing with 235 young girls across the country, Kiawenti:io won the role. Her character is an independent and resilient young girl, like ‘Anne’, who becomes a kindred spirit with the girl from Green Gables. According to series executive producer Miranda de Pencier, “There is an energetic charisma and undeniable intelligence to Kiawenti:io. [We] can’t wait for Anne With an E fans to meet her.”

Currently, Kiawenti:io is shooting the feature film BEANS, in the title role. The film is directed by the award-winning Tracey Deer, who was a Co-Executive Producer on this past season of Anne With An E. Deer just knew that Kiawenti:io was right for the lead role in her next film.

In addition to her many artistic pursuits, Kiawenti:io also enjoys playing sports such as softball, volleyball and ping-pong.