Phallus In Wonderland (Parts 1 & 2)


Producer Mary O'Connell visits an imaginary museum about the male appendage.  The name of the museum is 'Phallus in Wonderland'.


Amphora_seduction_scene - phallus 1 again.jpgAs she tours the exhibits, Mary takes us on a journey through time, and through the history of masculinity.


We learn how the male member has been portrayed in popular culture and in literature.


It's been seen as a source of pride, pain, power and pleasure.  And though that may sound familiar, the importance of the 'phallus' has actually changed a lot over time.   


Mary O'Connell is a Producer for the CBC Radio documentary program IDEAS.  


Her piece 'Phallus in Wonderland' is the winner of a Gold Medal at the 2007 New York Festivals.


PHOTO: amphora seduction scene

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