Preachers Who Don't Believe In God

A study from Tufts University tells the story of 5 pastors who don't believe in God. Most of them are still working in churches, still preaching sermons, and still counseling the faithful.

For one of them, believing never DID mean 'the guy in the sky' , so his path has been pretty smooth. For the others, whatever belief in God they once had ... is gone. And they are lost.

Reaction to these pastors has been swift - and it has been harsh. 'Hypocrites', some say after hearing about the study. How dare they accept a church salary and preach something they don't believe? 'Liars' say others. What could be more poisonous to a congregation than a minister who feels he's making it all up? And - 'Cowards.' Why don't they just resign?

But the story is not as black and white as a lot of people seem to believe.
The award-winning program that we're featuring this week is called "Preachers Who Don't Believe in God". It was produced by Nicola Luksic and Tina Pittaway and it originally aired on Tapestry with Mary Hynes.

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