Rozhinkes mit Mandlin (Raisins with Almonds) - Part 1 and 2



The multi-award winning special "Rozhinkes Mit Mandlin," or "Raisins with Almonds" was first broadcast in 1980 and is a incredible montage of music, comedy and interviews reflecting Jewish traditions. 

It was produced and narrated by Rita Jacobs Willens, and includes the voices of Zero Mostel, Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner, the sound of Arthur Rubinstein on piano, and the complete song "Rozhinkes mit Mandlin," which gave this documentary its name.

This series is the winner of a Gabriel Award, sponsored by the Catholic Academy for Communications Arts Professionals. And it's also the winner of a Major Armstrong Award. That award is no longer given out, but -- in its day -- among the most prestigious awards in radio. It was named for Major Edwin Armstrong, the inventor of FM, or static-less radio.

Major Armstrong was a brilliant engineer, and, inspired by inventors like Marconi, he set out to change the sound of radio. So much so, that communications technology created by Edwin Armstrong during the First World War is still used by most modern radios, television receivers and even some cellphones today.


Part One:

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Part Two: 

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