Top Ten Unanswered Questions in the Universe

Our feature this week covers a little subject called The Universe,
what we know about it and all the stuff we have yet to discover. Which
is most of the stuff. For example, when and how it began, and what it's
made of.

In January of 2010, the CBC Radio science program "Quirks and Quarks" assembled a panel of ten prominent physicists, and asked each of them what they think is the biggest question that science has, so far, been unable to answer. They gathered at the Glenn Gould Studio at the CBC Broadcasting Centre in Toronto, before a live audience, and made their arguments. And the audience had a few questions of their own, which you'll hear at the end of the program.

This special edition of Quirks and Quarks is called "The Top Ten Unanswered Questions in the Universe" and it was recognized with a Silver Medal at the New York Festivals.

Listen to And The Winner Is... episode that aired on April 5, 2013
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