Watch my Stick PLEASE / AOP Goes to the Movies

Documentary producer Alisa Siegel brings us a story about an unusual orchestra in an award-winning documentary called "Watch My Stick.....PLEASE."
Also on the show The Age Of Persuasion episode about the great movie marketing.
In this band, the most common command from the conductor is SHHHHHH!!!!
    That's because, at practice, the banter is as noisy as the bassoons, the talk as loud as the trumpets.People play in this band not because they're virtuosos -- but because they love to. And the company's not exactly chopped liver.
    The band is called Resa's Pieces, after its founder and conductor, Resa Kochberg. In 1999, she was an itinerant music teacher with a dream - to bring people back to playing instruments they had left behind, often decades earlier.
    Every week the band members meet for practice in a room at a North York High School....knowing that every June, they'll have to rein in the kibbitzing, pay attention and play their very best at the annual gala.

When it comes to movies, the end of a calendar year is the time when a lot of movies jostle for your holiday dollars -- and when a glut of Oscar bait gets released. And whether the film is a sweeping saga of life and death, or a deliberately dumb comedy heavy on the flatulence, it needs an ad campaign -- or it will sink without a trace.
    Today on "And The Winner Is...", we'll learn all about the great movie marketing, and the landmark movies that completely altered the way Hollywood sells its films. We'll also hear some of the most inventive movie ads ever done, and trace the history of movie trailers - which, by the way, were originally created to drive people OUT of theatres, not into them.

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Listen to And The Winner Is...episode that aired on December 25, 2012
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