New Brunswick

Military investigating New Brunswick officer after video calling pandemic measures tyranny

Canadian Forces spokesperson says it will take ‘appropriate action’

Posted: February 11, 2022
Last Updated: February 11, 2022

Maj. Stephen Chledowski is under investigation by the Canadian military for a seven-minute video in which he describes COVID-19 vaccination as 'genocide.' (YouTube)

A Canadian Army officer in New Brunswick is under investigation after calling for other military members and police to rise up over vaccination and pandemic restrictions.

Maj. Stephen Chledowski spoke in uniform in a seven-minute video Thursday, describing government actions during the pandemic as tyranny. He went on to describe vaccination for COVID-19 as "genocide."

Daniel Le Bouthillier, the head of media relations for the Canadian Forces, confirmed in an email that Chledowski is an active member of the military based at 5th Canadian Division Support Base Gagetown.


"We are investigating the incident and will be taking appropriate action," Le Bouthillier said in the statement without specifying what that action may be.

In the video, Chledowski describes himself as a soldier of nearly 21 years and a veteran of the war in Afghanistan. He says he has not been vaccinated.

The military has required its members to get vaccinated. More than 98 per cent were vaccinated, the Canadian Press reported last month. 

Chledowski describes measures meant to reduce the spread of COVID-19 as being imposed by "government traitors."

The military's statement says "a hallmark of our democracy is the principle that the military is accountable to our duly elected officials.


"Discipline is another key principle that underpins our effectiveness as a military."

It says those who disregard the principle undermine the institution.

"Any member of the Armed Forces who brings discredit to the CAF through either conduct or performance deficiencies, be it through actions or words, will be held accountable," Le Bouthillier said.

Reached by phone Friday, Chledowski said he had been "ordered not to give any interviews. What I've said is what I've said."