Here are the Montreal restaurants with the most health violations in the last 3 years

From dirty walls to rat poop, these establishments run the gamut of food offences

Posted: January 03, 2019
Last Updated: January 04, 2019

The City of Montreal has more than doubled the number of health violations against food companies between 2015 and 2017. (Matthew Mead/Associated Press)

Health violations by food establishments are almost daily occurrences on the island of Montreal.

From 2015 to late 2018, 960 restaurants and food stores were fined for a total of $2 million, according to city data analyzed by CBC News.

That's an average of $1,550 per day going to city coffers.


And the numbers are going up. The City of Montreal has more than doubled the number of accusations against food companies between 2015 and 2017 — from 440 to 1,000 a year.

Still, only a small fraction of the city's 14,000 food establishments, about three per cent, are prosecuted, said city spokesperson Mélanie Gagné.

"Seventy per cent have an excellent record in hygiene," she said.

Although most offenders are fined only once, a few repeat culprits stand out.

Here are the businesses with the most infractions since 2015 whose cases were settled in municipal court by November 2018:

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Looking at the details of the biggest offenders, we see a variety of infractions.

Most were hit for having dirty facilities or equipment.

But another common infraction is the sale or transportation of food that has been deemed unfit for human consumption.

Some of these infractions date back to early 2015, and the businesses may have fixed the problems, closed or changed ownership since then. 

To check on individual restaurants, consult the Quebec government's inspection database. Here are some examples:

Supermarché Tropic, Rivière-des-Prairies ​
Operating without a valid permit
Unclean facility or equipment


Basha, (9 out of 24 locations in Montreal fined. Two have since closed.)
Sale or transportation of food unfit for consumption
Improper labelling of food
Food kept above or below required temperature

Kaido Sushi, Anjou (Closed)
Presence of contaminants, animals, or animal excrement
Unclean facility or equipment
Unauthorized wholesale of meat

Vincent Sous-Marin, Hochelaga-Maisonneuve
Unclean facility or equipment
Sale or transportation of food unfit for consumption
Operating with a suspended licence

Saint-Jean Bagel, Dollard-des-Ormeaux
Unclean facility or equipment
Operations affecting the cleanliness of food

L'Euromarché Latina 80, Cartierville
Dirty walls and ceilings
Composition of products not compliant with code

Overall, these have been the most common violations over the past three years.

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  • An earlier version of this story did not indicate that Restaurant Sana Halal and Pizza Roni have been under new management since 2018. The latest infractions by the previous owners occurred in 2016.
    Jan 04, 2019 12:14 PM ET