Defence in police officer's impaired driving trial says video evidence only provides snippets of night

Officer says he had 5 schooners and 7 mixed drinks

Posted: September 05, 2018

The judge in the case has reserved his decision until Oct. 26. (Shutterstock)

The lawyer for a Saskatchewan police officer on trial for impaired driving has told court that surveillance video of his client is like watching Gone With the Wind in a minute and a half, because it doesn't give the whole picture.

Const. Brett Lee Henry of the Prince Albert Police Service has pleaded not guilty and says he was under the legal limit on the night of March 2, 2017, and into the morning of March 3.


Henry's defence lawyer, Michael Owens, told court during closing arguments Tuesday the video only showed snippets of the evening, and there was no evidence Henry was driving badly.

Henry has told court he'd consumed five schooners and seven mixed drinks containing scotch and amaretto at two different bars before driving to a third location, but that he wasn't impaired.

The judge in the case has reserved his decision until Oct. 26.

Prosecutor Bill Burge highlighted evidence from several witnesses, including a server and two bartenders, who felt Henry was too impaired to drive.