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South Asian woman's network 'Didihood' opens Vancouver chapter

'We didn't really have a place where we could talk about what was going on in our lives'

Posted: August 29, 2018

Didihood, a network for South Asian women in the media and entertainment fields, is opening its Vancouver chapter. (Didihood/instagram)

A team of journalists is kicking off a new networking collective in Vancouver called Didihood, meant to help South Asian women working in creative industries.

"Didi" is the Hindi word for sister — a fitting term for the group which helps women in the media or visual arts connect with one another.

"As South Asian women, we didn't really have a place where we could talk about what was going on in our lives," said co-founder and journalist Roohi Sahajpal, explaining why she helped create Didihood.


She, along with like-minded journalists, launched the Toronto chapter of Didihood in 2017 and is opening the Vancouver chapter on Wednesday.

Sahajpal said many in the network share the experience of being the first women in their respective families and social circles to go into the media and entertainment fields. Because of this, they wanted to create a place South Asian women in the profession could share their ideas and experiences.

'You get me'

"It's a great way to encourage more people, more South Asian women, to get into these fields," said Nikki Gill, another journalist and founder.

Both Gill and Sahajpal said their Didihood meetings in Toronto have gone really well, and they hope future Vancouver meetings are similarly successful.


"There's a lot of 'you get me' moments at the meetings." said Gill. "You see everyone talking openly. The networking is happening so organically."

She said it was heartening to see South Asian women become more openly accepted in media, and they're both confident organizations like Didihood will help that trend continue.

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