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How do you name a beer brewed in Dildo? Tastefully, owners say

Names for products of Newfoundland's new brewery to be revealed on Canada Day

Posted: June 28, 2018
Last Updated: June 28, 2018

Angela Reid is one of the owners of the Dildo Brewing Company and Museum in Dildo, N.L. (Mark Quinn/CBC)

The owners of a new craft brewery set to open in the Trinity Bay community of Dildo have a conundrum: what do you call a beer brewed in Dildo?

Dildo Brewing Company and Museum co-owner Angela Reid says there's no shortage of people suggesting names for their new beers, but finding the right ones has been a challenge.

"This community and a lot of the place names and a lot of the quirky things that people say … we're going to play with that a little bit and we'll have some interesting names on our beers," she said.


"But it is kind of top secret right now."

The new Dildo brewery is on Trinity Bay, more than an hour west of St. John's. (Mark Quinn/CBC)

Background in wine making

Even the brewmaster is tight-lipped about the names.

"I'm making beer, beautiful beer," says Lionel Rodrigues. 

"My job is to make the beer, so the owners are going to come up with ideas for that."

Lionel Rodrigues is the brewmaster at the Dildo Brewing Company and Museum. (Mark Quinn/ CBC)

Rodrigues's name will be familiar to people who know about winemaking in the province. His father, Hillary Rodrigues, founded the Rodrigues Winery and Distillery in Whitbourne decades ago.

I love beer and I'm really happy to be a part of this. - Lionel Rodrigues

But now Lionel Rodrigues is branching out to something new.


"I've been a winemaker and run a winery and distillery and a nutraceutical plant for years, but I've been very interested in beer and have done a lot of homebrewing on the side and worked with some other brewers," he said.

"So, it's just an ideal shift. I love beer and I'm really happy to be a part of this."

Rodrigues has brewed stout, IPA, red, blond and blueberry blond beers to start. The red beer gets its colour from beets, and the blueberry beer uses locally grown berries. Rodrigues says he hopes to use other locally produced ingredients in future beers.

Dildo brewery beer will be available on tap and in growlers. The company says it will look at selling bottled or canned beer later. (Mark Quinn/ CBC)

Not worried about competition

Close to 20 new craft breweries have opened or are preparing to open by next year, but Reid says there is plenty of room to grow.

She said the more experienced breweries in the province have actually helped the Dildo Brewing Company learn the ropes, and she believes they'll continue to work together.

"I don't look at those guys as competitors. They are certainly our partners in this, and we hope to make this province just as great as all the others," she said.

The new facility incorporates the Dildo Museum that has traditionally been housed there. It includes a pub with food and beer on tap.

The pub is scheduled to open July 1. Reid promises the company's beer names will be revealed then.

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